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Outfit Inspiration: Cropped Jackets, My Future Self & Tevas

main.original.585x0If this isn’t the best damn outfit, I don’t know what is. Some people’s 5-year plan involves graduating law school, passing the Bar and getting a big fancy job. Mine is to hone my style to look as painfully chic as this woman.  #goals

main.original.585x0-1Caution: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. I feel like I have worn this outfit countless times, but for some reason the insta pics I ask Noah to take of me nonchalantly crossing the street never quite look the same. Maybe I just need to be blonde. Yeah, that’s probably all it is…

main.original.585x0-2Oh Selener! You so hood. Imma go to the Goodwill, buy me an oversized jean jacket and chop crop it up just like this one. Then I’ll try to run into you in the Valley so we can take a selfie that I can caption with the twinning girls emoji. K? Thanks. Bye!

main.original.585x0-3Peace. Love. Tevas. Gurl, I don’t always get your style and quite frankly you are so beautiful it makes me uncomfortable, but when you got dem Tevas on your feet, I feel at peace with all of it. Basically, when you are wearing the ugly sandals on you, and I am wearing the ugly sandals on me; we are one. Namaste.


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