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To Whitney, on her 27th year…

Dearest, classiest, sharpest, chicest Whit, 

Our wo-mance is a modern one, born out of entrepreneurial spirit and technology.
I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have started UNH, if for no other reason but to have you comment on a Facebook post. From there, it was history.

I don’t take many blind girl-dates, but ours was fated to be. We didn’t know it then, but that casual networking meet up would evolve into a friendship that was is sheer… ecstasy.


You are truly a gift. You have pulled me out of many-a mental breakdowns, shown me such amazing perspective, inspired me to live a little (and drink a lot) and most importantly, always been there – for whatever. I respect you so damn much – and not just because you find the best things at Crossroads and can make Forever 21 shorts look like they’re from Anthropologie – but because you make me a better person – more thoughtful, more creative, more frugal, more fun. :)

So, tonight I (and all your friends out there) toast to you. And all you do, all you are, and all that you will grow to be. I can’t wait to see you take over the world.


Love ya bitch. Happy Birthday.
See you in the desert. xo

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