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Detox Salad


I modified this salad from one I saw on the Farmer’s Fridge IG account. It helps detox with pineapple (packed with digestive enzymes,) apple cider vinegar (a digestive aid and appetite suppressant,) and pomegranate (an antioxidant – blueberries also would work great.) It keeps you full with fiber-rich lentils (quinoa is also a great option) and iron-packed greens. So, here’s how to make it >>>




Stack the ingredients in this order to avoid soggy salad.



This dressing is fool proof to make. There aren’t even actual measurements. Just mix some apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, evoo & fresh cracked pepper together… and boom. You just made a super healthy salad dressing. 


Yum! Right? Who’s trying this?



  1. Emily

    A chocolate chip cookie would fit nicely as a top layer….You always have to finish off with something sweet!

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