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Agua Fresca

Ahhh, the day my beloved gold Birks actually became mine. The bond between our soles was formed on this very street corner (and has since proven to be unbreakable,) before ducking into Noah’s favorite burrito spot for lunch. Dress, Cameo | Sandals, Birkenstock | Jacket, Levis | Sunnies,… Read More

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Stoop It Right Now

Just hangin’ out in the West Village, eating apple cider donuts and sippin’ the best almond cafe au lait ever. My friend Kelly took me to her local coffee shop on our way to brunch. (Hey – I have to work in as many meals as possible when I’m… Read More

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To Whitney, on her 27th year…

Dearest, classiest, sharpest, chicest Whit,  Our wo-mance is a modern one, born out of entrepreneurial spirit and technology. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have started UNH, if for no other reason but to have you comment on a Facebook post. From there, it was history. I don’t take many… Read More