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Coffee Break | Exo Roast Co.

crossroads dress

crossroads dress exo coffee house

crossroads dress

exo coffee shop tucson

crossroads dress gucci heels

crossroads dress gucci heels

crossroads dress gucci heels

Editing these pics made me so happy. They reminded me what a fun afternoon I had in Arizona discovering this adorable little coffee shop with Noah. We sat and sipped our coffee (he: cortado; me: soy cafe au lait) while I fake read the last chapter of Man Repeller and he snapped photos. (I know. I make him do the most awkward things.)

So, I didn’t realize until I set out to tag what I am wearing in this post, but this outfit is almost entirely from Crossroads Trading Co. (save for my go-with-me-everywhere leather jacket and carryall tote.) Crossroads is similar to Buffalo Exchange. But if you haven’t been to either, let me rock your world. They are shops that will buy your wardrobe’s fallen angels for either store credit (a “trade”) or cold hard cash (my go-to solution when I am short on rent or have buyers remorse after a shopping spree.) I am partial to Crossroads because of their large consignment section where you can score designer duds in great condition.

I traded for the Gucci (yeah, that’s right) heels I am wearing here. They were selling for $150 (yeah, also right) and I was able to trade $120 worth of worn-once Forever 21 forays,  outdated Gap essentials and vintage finds that never seemed to pair with anything, meaning I basically got a pair of GUCCI HEELS FOR $30. Amazing, right?

The dress was an off-the-rack find. It reminded me of a similar Phillip Lim frock, but at a fraction of the price. This piece was between $20-30. Not too shabby, huh?

Find your nearest Crossroads.
VIsit Exo Roast Co. in Tucson, AZ.

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  1. Emily

    I think you are due for another photo shoot in Tucson sooner rather than later.

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