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DIY Rodarte Padlock Necklace


When I saw the cover of this month’s Lucky Magazine I was immediately OBSESSED with the necklace Lily Collins was wearing. I also immediately could envision how to make it myself, so that’s just what I did.  And now you can too! Just head to your local hardware store to pick up the supplies above (raid someone’s tool kit for pliers – I stole mine from my boyfriend’s house.) Then follow the steps below to put it all together. Ready, set, go!


1)  Put the chain around your neck with the loose ends in front of you & measure where you want your lock to fall. Once you know what length you want, use both pairs of pliers and some brut force to open the link where you want your chain to fall. The traditional pliers will be your steady grip while you use the needle nose ones to pry the link open.
2) Open both sides of the link to completely remove it from your chain.
3) Repeat on the other end of the chain so you are left with a perfectly sized main chain and two open links.
4) Open the link at either end of your main piece of chain, but do not remove it completely.
5) Put a ring on either end of the main chain.
6) Close your two loose links back onto each ring.
7) Then lock it up, baby!



Weeee! You did it! You successfully navigated a hardware store (that was the hardest part for me), exercised some serious finger grip strength, and made a RAD(arte) necklace for $368 less than the real thing. Well done! :) Let me know how this DIY goes for you in the comments below. Or any other trend pieces you’d like to see made on the cheap.

xoxxxx Jaq



  1. Emily Pollock

    I think this might be more to Madison’s liking….not sure it has my name on it. But I’m impressed with your determination! Really impressed!

  2. I think this is more Madison then me…but I’m really impressed with your determination. Really impressed!!!

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