Chanel PFW FW14 Market
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Eggs, Milk, Bread, Chanel…

Karl the Great took the Fall/Winter 2014 Chanel runway show at Paris Fashion Week to a whole new level… yet again. For those of you still reeling from Chanel Dallas, I am right there with you. But this epic display of the everyday errand just knocked my reverence for Karl Lagerfeld’s creativity into Sandra Bullock’s Oscar-winning orbit. This showcase was so out of this world because it was so rooted in everyday life.

Chanel pfw fw14 Shopping Center


Chanel pfw fw14 Shopping Center - eggs


Chanel pfw fw14 Karl Cara
Models appeared to be popping into their local Target post-yoga or on their way home from the office. Layered in fabulous calf-length tweed coats, brightly colored legging/crop top combos or leather-clad street wear, not a single one wore heels. Instead models rocked tricked out running shoes and — wait for it — running BOOTS. #thefutureisnow



Forget Dole. I only eat Chanel.

Images sourced from: Wall Street Journal Style Columnist @christinabinkley, Harper’s Bazaar & the Chanel Google+ Account

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