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The Secret To Straight Hair

straighthair-cover So, those of you who know me, know that my hair is CRAZY. Like next-level dry, damaged, marshmallow, brillo pad CRAY-ZEE. Oh, and I refuse to blow it out straight. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So, I thought I would share my tips & tricks for taking my unruly locks from psycho to silky in under 30 minutes, in hopes that it will help my fellow curly girlies out there tame their own manes! straighthair-suppliesstraighthair-supplies I use a very specific set of tools & products. Listen carefully. The first and most critical step in getting straight hair is the QUALITY of your flat iron. A rule of thumb is if it costs less than $100, it’s not good enough. If you are using a $45 Remington iron from Target, you WILL turn into a frizz ball within 24 hours. Consider yourself warned. I have been really pleased with my ghd 1″ flat iron. I was able to get it for $118 on GILT awhile back. It retails for $185. The 1″ width is really useful for getting close to my roots, straightening the kinks in my baby hair along my hairline. It also works really well for creating curls or waves, but you’ll have to stay tuned for that tutorial. :)
In addition to the flat iron, I use a brush (any brush will do), Twistbands (they won’t dent hair once it’s been straightened), and an arsenal of hair-healthy products from my new fave brand Number 4. I’m not sure if it was their adorable branding (tons of white space with pops of French-speaking illustrations) or delicious scents that got me to fall in love first.  straighthair-prep

So, step 1: wash your hair and let it air dry in a neat low ponytail – secured with a Twistband to avoid a big dent. I like to just go to bed like this, then wake up with it dry (just put a towel on your pillow.) If I’m in a crunch for time, I’ll multitask and run errands with wet hair and my car windows open – its like a giant, cold-shot blow dryer. Allowing hair to dry naturally lets the cuticle (yes, hair has cuticles) seal, which helps reduce coarseness and frizz.  I will put a heat protectant on while my hair is damp and then again before I start flat ironing.


Then, section off your mop starting from the nape of the neck and straighten layer by layer. That’s how I avoid that annoying frizzy under-layer that you sometimes get when its humid outside. Also – I opt for Twistbands or claw clips to make the sections to avoid those harsh dents from regular hairties. straighthair-veganThis yummy little elixer of hair-healthy oils helps seal the cuticles and disguise dry/dead/split ends when your locks are freshly shorn.  Oh, and did I mention it’s vegan & gluten-free? Basically, it belongs in the refrigerated  bread section at Whole Foods—and I love it.straighthair-hairsprayWhen the weather is especially humid or I am looking to hold a more volumized ‘do, I’ll finish with a spritz or two of a non-aerosol hairspray. If you get a lot of fly-aways at your part line or around your hairline, a non-aerosol hairspray is great because you can spritz it into the palm of your hand and basically spot-treat those rogue hairs. I like No.4’s because it always dries soft to the touch which is key so as not to mirror the styling of our late-80s counterparts.straighthair-smoothSo, there you have it. My secrets for taming the beast. If you’re hair is anything like mine, I hope you picked up a tip or two that will help ease the burden of this arduous act. Remember my fellow frizz-heads: air dry, use product and–by all means–DO NOT wash often. xo

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  1. You make me laugh! I’ve been doing everything wrong, forever. Yikes! I blow dry wet hair…wash everyday…no products! Oy!

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