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The Long & Short of It

Vintage Sequin Skirt cover image

Vintage Sequin Skirt and metallic leather clutch image

metallic leather clutch

Electric Blue Eyeliner

Sharktooth Hoop EarringsThis get-up is a  little off season, I know. But envision it layered with an oversized leather jacket, and boom!  You’re ready for any mid-November dinner date or a night of cocktails with the girls at that cute speakeasy that you’ve been reading about on Refinery.

Skirt – Vintage $26
This piece might look super unique, and it is, but these bedazzled throwbacks are much easier to come across than you might think. I got this at a flea market for $26. I was shocked at the price, but the seller said she wanted to honor the fact that it was slightly stained with aged spots. I told her she was a saint and that I didn’t even notice them. Keep a look out when you go to vintage shops, fleas, event the Goodwill and you’ll come across your very own sequin maxi… promise.)

Tee – H&M $2.99

I’m not kidding. It was 2 dollars and 99 cents. I went Diddy and bought 3. Have never worn one twice. (Ok that’s a lie, but I couldn’t resist trying to work in a little Diddy.)

Clutch – UNH $32
I make these clutches. So… yeah. I like them. You can buy one here.

Earrings – LUV AJ $60
From the one and only jewelry line I will actually wear. I am the worlds LAZIEST accessorizer, but time after time, Amanda’s creations just seems to make their way onto my body.

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