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How To Wear: Overalls

how to wear overalls
So you want to buy overalls.
I was thrilled with these bad boys from ASOS. (I got a 6 petite and the torso/inseam are PERFECT. I’m 5’4”.)

how to wear overalls2
The Canadian Tuxedo.
If for any reason you feel insecure about wearing overalls, the obvious solution to surmount these fears is to step out in an ensemble so overwhelmingly easy to poke fun at, that you will already be anticipating the snickers and swiveling heads. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Why would I knowingly do that to myself? Why would I purposely dress my way to becoming the brunt of a sartorial joke?” Well, the trick behind this two-toned Canadian tux, or any other look that makes a DEFINITIVE statement, is that people are so dumbfounded by the fact that they could never pull off the same outfit, that the sheer fact that they are seeing you in the cray get up makes them instantly idolize your irreverence. You just became the girl who can “pull off anything” in their eyes. I get the whole “I could never pull that off, but you could…” all the time. I used to take it as a backhanded dig, but really it is a compliment. Whoever says/thinks/believes they can’t pull something off just hasn’t taken the plunge. Fashion allows us the ultimate freedom to be who we want to be on any given day. As long as you aren’t flashing your vag or wearing a some ill-fitting polyester number, you can rock whatever trend you want. The only key to making sure you are throwing a fashion punch and not becoming a fashion punchline: confidence. (And a good CC cream. People with clear, fresh complexions look effortless in everything.)

Chambray Shirt, J. Crew; Shoes, Zara; Bracelet, GAP; Necklace: LUV AJ.

how to wear overalls4
Casual Sundays
Now that you’ve gotten yourself pumped on overalls, time to turn them into your casual staple. I like to wear them to brunch. Think about it: you get the neutral-ness and warmth of jeans but without the constricting waistband of your go-to skinnies. That mean you can get that side of sausage AND the famous french toast (for the table, of course.)

Sweater, J. Crew Outlet; Flats, GAP; Clutch, Gigi New York.

how to wear overalls3
So, you think you’re ready for the advanced lesson? Wearing something SUPER trendy… to work. The trick is to take the overalls very seriously. Do not be cute, do not be ironic, do not give them a special spotlight (they will take care of that on their own.)  Just style them as  you would slacks or a pencil skirt. If I had black silky ones, I would be wearing them here instead of denim, but these still work. Just make sure if you are wearing denim ones that your office doesn’t have a no-jeans policy, and keep the other pieces in your outfit on the casual side of professional. From there, just let the overalls do their thing. (Let the compliments flow in. And make sure to chronicle this dress-code conquest with a bathroom selfie. #officeoveralls)

Tank, Target; Tote; Banana Republic.


  1. Roland

    I absolutely love overalls (own several pairs myself) and you look simply beautiful in yours; all three ways you styled them are great!
    And you are definitely right, wearing them with confidence is the key.
    I am a total supporter of wearing overalls wherever and whenever you like, and people who wear them to the office get extra points in my book.

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