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Wang & Thangs.



So, without any bandage dresses in my hotel closet, I opted for some futuristic Alexander Wang pants and my stand-by Zara bra top for the Herve Ledger show. The HL Spring 2013 collection was simply amazing. I don’t know how they manage to reinvent their signature fabric and fit season after season while still maintaining an iconic brand identity in every garment they churn out. (I did see a t-shirt on the racks backstage this year… so that was weird…)  wang-6


I also got to see this hot piece. Her name is Kelly and she left me back in LA to go live the crazy NYC lyfe. While I miss her every time I want to go out to a margarita-filled dinner or see a new band, I am thrilled that she is starting a blog about her cooking and dining adventures in the big city. More to come on that front. #itsgonnabegood


IMG_0451Then, in crop top and all, I ate this. Well, shared this with the girls I was with at HL. It was such a lovely afternoon meal, eaten outside at a restaurant across from Lincoln Center. It was like the tourist hub of the universe, but just being in good company and passing around bites of burrata and Brussels Sprouts made it seem like we were in our own little world.

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