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Urban Animal







Something about being in New York makes me reach for this black hat to top off every outfit. Today it was mainly because I woke up late for the Holmes & Yang presentation (the Holmes of course, being Katie. And yes, she was there. Suri, sadly, was not.) Anyway, my hair looked like a train-wreck or rather – a scarecrow hit by a train – and I had no time for showering or flat irons.  The solution: my New Era and this Cameo frock that floats about 3 inches away from my body (it was also one of those days where the thought of a pencil skirt and the constant internal tuck of my lower ab-region was too much to bear). Add a few statement bracelets on each wrist, and I was out the door. 

Best part? Yang told me she liked my dress. (Cameo really can do no wrong…)


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