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Street Walker – NYFW Outfit

nyfw-qulited-shorts cover



This was my day-before-Fashion Week outfit. I wore it to the BCBG showroom and serendipitously found a matching quilted cap in their samples closet. (Yeah, I got to spend the afternoon amidst racks and racks of BCBG & Herve Ledger…only to end up borrowing a belt because my GIANT ass didn’t fit into the sample sizes.) That evening, I walked my back end to a lovely dinner with blogger Miss Ladyfinger and a dear friend who recently fled LA for the mean (but so exhilarating) streets of NYC. We had a lady-like meal of mac & cheese(s), corn on the cob, and a bottle of rosé at Cafeteria, duh.


Cameo the Label quilted shorts | I scored these at this sample sale shop by my house. Those of you who know me know that I have been thinking about moving, but discovering this little gem was enough to make me reconsider. How’s that for messed up priorities?  :) (Find shorts similar here.)
GAP shrunken boyfriend shirt
GAP camo slippers |
 Similar more expensive ones here. The gap ones were on sale for $14 and sold out. That is a good tip though – for cute, affordable flats and sandals, always check the GAP especially big flagship stores. They always ship in too many pairs, and get marked down quickly.
LUV AJ id bracelets


  1. Emily

    So cute……and your bag looks VERY trendy. Take it from me….I know fashion! Or I know someone who knows fashion! xoxoxo

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