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Butcher’s Daughter

This time in New York I finally made it to Butcher’s Daughter. Katrina and I have been salivating over Instagram posts from this place for about a year now. The casual BLD spot was just as anticipated: the ultimate clean-eating hipster haven. Loads of natural light, flea-market found fixtures, succulent-sprinkled tables, and a menu that enticed me to order EVERYTHING.

I knew the avocado toast was a must. Simple, and not quite worth $9 but I appreciated the drizzle of curry oil and addition of mustard seeds to make me feel like it wasn’t just something I could whip up at home. Though, that is one of the things I like about restaurants like this. They prove that every meal made outside one’s own kitchen needn’t be an indulgence. I love being able to find restaurants that serve things that are just as healthy, if not more-so, than the Trader Joe’s creations I whip up on my own. They also makes healthy eating more fun. I have found that it’s not so much what I eat when dinging out, but rather spending time in an enjoyable atmosphere among friends (or my laptop) that is the most satisfying.

Rounding out the order was a bowl of kale chips (the yellow stuff is nutritional yeast. vegans love that shit.) and two juices from a fresh-pressed juice menu that will BLOW. YOUR. DAMN. MIND. (see below) If I had the time to trek to the Bowery every day, I would have tried them all. The great thing about juice is, they have to list all the ingredients on the menu, so expect to see of BD’s concoctions in upcoming posts!

Butcher's Daughter Juice Menu

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