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Eat Green, Wear Black | Shade Me


Zara Faux Croc Shorts


I knew the second I saw these croc embossed faux vegan leather shorts (from Zara, of course) that they HAD to be mine. Then, once I got them home, it look me ages to figure out what the heck to wear them with.

Naturally it took me taking myself out of my element for an outfit to come together. During a weekend in Arizona, this nippl-icious mesh tank (also from Zara), wide brimmed  Brixton hat, and vintage bib necklace came together to create an outfit that is quite out of the ordinary for me. It’s a bit girlier and a little more boho than I would usually go, but there is something to be said here for taking risks. In my case, wearing an outfit without significant presence of black or white (or clear) anything… What do you think? Should I get back to black? 


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