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Juice It: Sweet Greens

green juice ingredients


greenjuice2so i know digital society at large is beating you over the head with the benefits of drinking green. from the bajillion pins on pinterest and healthier-than-thou instagram pics, to the seemingly bi-weekly groupon email offering 50% off a blue print cleanse, so i will spare you the nutritional sales pitch. All you need to know is that eating things in their naturally occurring state is the best way to get to your best body. (GMO crusaders please hold your breath, i know our produce aisles are basically selling us all the pesticides and preservatives that a pop-tart has, but masquerading it as a banana. but not everyone has the time to hunt out the au natural-est of produce. i’m more focused on the marginal gain of eating “real” food.)

those of you who know me well, know i love to eat. and when i am experiencing really ANY emotion other than 100% elation, i turn to food to get my mind off things. sound like eating disorder 101? totally. but knowing i have this weakness is the only thing that helps me manage it. nighttime is when i like to snack the most. (oprah and dr. oz are shaking their heads.) but since i know i will often munch my way into the moonlight, i try to keep the fridge stocked with fresh (or frozen) berries and pineapple, kashi go-lean cereal (great for adding a “crunch” factor), carob chips, plain greek yogurt and other “healthier” alternatives to ice cream, baked goods and candy. i mean, lets get real – i will totally down half a pint of ben & jerry’s while watching fashion police every now and then. also dating a boy who thinks cheese is a food group presents itself to be a challenge. but by and large, i am able to keep things under control by always turning to the produce aisle for the bulk of my grocery purchases. (i know kashi isn’t a fruit or vegetable.)

umm, guess i should get back to juice. i turn to juicing when i’ve been indulging a little too much. i’ll do just a partial day (breakfast & lunch) juice cleanse to help me get back on track with my eating. it gives me a short term goal to accomplish and makes me feel thinner (and slightly famished) by dinner time, but the pride of guzzling goodness earlier in the day helps me make healthier choices at dinner. most important thing about juice is not to wait too long to drink it. dont bother blowing $5-6 bucks for the pre-bottled ones at the grocery store. your money is better spent at an actual juice bar so you can watch them make it fresh. another little known secret for those of you without access to a juicer, is that whole foods will juice any produce you bring them (doesn’t even have to be from their store) for $4. Go when they are slow at the juice counter and you can get a day’s worth of fruits and veggies pressed for a fraction of what they charge for a 12oz. juice. just remember byop. (comment below if you got that. i will love you. i mean, if you got to this point in the post i love you already. but you should comment anyway, just to make this legit.)


  1. Jen

    That’s it, I’m juicing my lunch. Thanks for the tips!
    (this comment was sponsored by Hot Tamales.)

  2. I had no idea you could BYOP to WF! …. ;)
    I will have to take them up on their offer. You juice looks yummy. I want some! xo

    • kiss that baby for me. omg, speaking of – do babies juice? BABIES should totally juice! can you test it? :)

  3. cece

    Love it Jaq! I do the same – green juice half-days! One lovely thing about London is that fresh green juice is everywhere and cheaper than in the states!! xo, Cece

    • It is!?! How is this possible? PS how much longer will you be in the UK? I am dying for your life. You look so zen all the time. Miss you! Fingers crossed I can come see you soon!

      • cece

        I have no idea – just more popular here I guess! I’ll be here until sometime in 2015, no idea when exactly. :) LOVE your blog <3<3<3

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