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Twistband Beach Party!!

Guest blogging for Twistband this week has been a blast! Here are some alternative uses of my FAVORITE hair accessories. They are all fun and simple ways that TWISTBAND can make your day at the beach both fun & chic!armparty

1. Twistbands make the perfect beach or poolside accessory. After loosing one too many necklaces and bracelets to tarnishing after a day by the water, I now turn to Twistbands to give me the fun detail without the drama! I love mixing all their prints and finishes. This will be my go-to Independence Day Arm Party – note the ADORBS gold peace sign bauble that looks AMAZE on the red metallic skinny! Then, when I am out of the water, I’ll add some colored bangles into the mix. I can spend the day having fun in the sun and not worrying about losing a prized piece of jewelry or coming home to see that my favorite rose gold hand chain has gone black! 


2. You can try to color code cups all day long, but the fact of the matter is – at some point someone will pick up the wrong one! A fun way to help keep germ swapping to a minimum and chic sipping to a maximum is to gift your party-goers a hair tie at the door. (Make sure they are all unique. Stacking of two colors is a good way to make more options!) This way, they can put the Twistband around their cup during the party and have a fun and functional take away when they leave. Plus, they will think about what a great host you are every time they use it! You win! 


3. Sun is fun, but wrinkles aren’t. Opt for SPF & a wide brimmed sunhat if you are spending the day outdoors. Keep them obsessing over your water-side style by stretching some festive-colored headbands just above your hat’s brim. I stacked two from the Cherry Dots & Stripes 3-pack, but you can stack as many or as few as you like! Added bonus – they keep your hat from blowing off in the wind!

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