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Milo & Olive… & Cocktails

milo olive 1

Loved the market/espresso bar counter that doubles as a hostess stand for this extremely intimate resto. Capacity was hit when the line of bar stools and 3 medium-sized community tables were full. The line of anxious diners calmly waiting upwards of an hour for a seat assured you the food was going to be “that” good.

milo olive 4

This cocktail was PERFECTION: champagne, grapefruit juice and a red wine floater. It was cool, bubbly and just slightly sweet – the perfect summer cocktail. 
milo olive 6
The garlic knot – paired wonderfully with the burrata. 

milo olive 8

milo olive 5

Braised broccolini with burrata. 

milo olive 7

Crab pasta. Sammi made a GREAT choice. 

milo olive 2

So glad I threw “moderate portions” to the wind a took DOWN a piece of this Vanilla Peach Tart. It was phenomenal.
Milo & Olive, Santa Monica
(From the culinary masterminds behind Huckleberry.)

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