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Bright + White


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Dress: Fashion Star for H&M
Hat: H&M (I found it in the men’s department for $5.95!!! Such a score!)
Sandals: Zara (At under $50, these are probably my most versatile and affordable buy of the summer!)
Earrings: LUV AJ (Seriously the only brand of earrings I wear. Amanda’s stuff is simply perfection.)
Necklaces: F21 ($3.80 each, so I bought one in every color.)
Purse: Target (I mean, how could I pass up on fringe AND pom poms?!)
Sunnies: Nordstrom brand… bought them for a shoot awhile ago…
Lipstick: Maybelline VIVIDS in Fushia Flash #865 (I was in love with Katrina’s matte NARS stick that she bought when we were together in NYC, but was unsure about spending $20+ on such a trendy shade. This one from Target was about $7 and goes on totally matte. It also lasts for hours… like even after washing my face the night before, I’ll wake up with hot pink stained lips. I kind of like it – it saves me lip glossing the next day!)

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