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Who’s Hu?

Katrina and I only had time for a quick brunch on our last Sunday in NYC. We were drooling over the Farmer’s Daughter menu in the cab, but ended up opting for the more time (and wallet) conscious Hu’s Kitchen near Union Square. From the second we walked in to this paleo mecca, we were overwhelmed by our options!



Hu’s is set up cafeteria style with different counters and cases offering everything gluten-intolerant, organo-grubbing health nut could imagine. They had all the usual suspects like fresh juices and smoothies, a hot bar with veggie and protein dishes, and a cooler with pre-packed meals. But they took it to another level with the fresh pressed cocktails (yes – with real alcohol), grain-free baked goods, and a fair-trade chocolate bar featuring house made concoctions like a quinoa almond butter chocolate…erm…bar.Hu_1_text





Follow them on Instagram @hukitchen for glib, daily sandwichboard sermons and regrams of NYC healthful hotties making #huhands.

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