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South Beach snapshots

Miami Polaroid Grid
This is a pretty tame account of our last 48 hours in South Beach. Armed only with only iphones the entire weekend, the photos lend themselves more to collages than montages – and everything captured “in da club” was either too embarrassing or too underexposed to salvage.

In any event, some things to note:

1. The morning sky. In-sane. My flight landed at 5am (it finally made sense why it was so much cheaper than Katrina’s) so I found myself driving on Ocean just as the sun was coming up. The silhouetted palm trees against the early morning ombre’d sky were the best welcome I could have received. Benvienidos a Miami, indeed.

2. The pedaling post. The mail(wo)men deliver SB residents’ bills, junk mail and online shopping hauls on retro yellow beach cruisers. Yeah. Retro. Yellow. Cruisers.  #whatcarbon

3. Le Sandwicherie. We were looking for a healthy bite before leaving for the airport and this place came to us highly recommended, so we mapped ourselves all the way to the back alley walk- up counter that is “Le Sandwicherie.”  It was teeming with half naked locals sharing plates of tuna salad  or rattling off in Spanglish while sipping a fresh-pressed juice. The French owner was all business at first, but joking around with us by the end of our meal – and our sandwiches stand to be the best we’ve ever had. The mountain of fresh veggies they pack into each freshly baked French roll and the spicy Dijon sauce they have readily available to every patron at the counter were simply heaven. This will definitely become a South Beach staple.

4. The evening sky. The sherbet swirls against the knocked out high rise hotels stopped me dead in my tracks, nightly.

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