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Back to Arizona

Sunnies: Ray Ban Jean Jacket: Lucky Brand Jeans Tank: Vintage Revival, Downtown LA Cutoff Shorts: Levi’s, LF Belt: Literally taken from a child’s closet Charm Bracelet: Vintage, Long Beach Retro Row Septum & Black Stud Bracelet: LUV AJ Barbed Wire Bracelet: Tucson Gem Show Sandals:… Read More

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Chia Pudding

As I’ve been experimenting with Indian recipies lately, I’ve realized that traditional Indian spices like tumeric, cardamom, and corriander aren’t as scary as I once imagined. Their wonderful flavors offer a welcomed change of tastes in the dishes I make on a regular basis. A favorite desert of… Read More

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Purple Sunrise Quinoa

Let me make one thing clear – quinoa is the shit. It contains a spectrum of essential amino acids, packing a protein punch superior to most grains; it cooks in just 15 minutes; and can be used endlessly in healthy-swap cooking. I love using it as the base… Read More