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Garden Fresh Poolside Cocktails

SLS South Beach Cocktail


What’s the perfect way to wind down a hot and wild Miami day?  Farm-fresh cocktails on a shaded chaise lounge, poolside at the SLS South Beach. Our fave libation was a tropical take on a bloody mary, using red bell pepper juice instead of tomato, jalapeño-infused vodka, a splash of grapefruit and a sprig of mint. The other was a refreshing cucumber, mint, lime and gin number that easily could have been downed by the pitcher. The main thing we loved about the SLS’s cocktail menu was the complete and udder lack of syrups, liqueurs, or other added sugar.

Aside from amazing dranks, the environment provided such an escape from the tourist and promoter-filled beaches and streets. The wooden pool deck gave way to cool white sand. Sprinkled among the palms were flat leaf trees that provided a bit of relief for the sunburned ones in the bunch. (Me.) The plush chaise lounges were adorably upholstered in tan, cream, and black and white stripes. SLS properties are known for their exquisite and eclectic design, and the South Beach location certainly was no let down. This driftwood armchair stopped us dead in our tracks on our way out through the main bar. We’ll take two, packed to go please.

Hat, New Era; Scarf, UNH

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